'Interior-ruption', oil on canvas.

‘Interior-ruption’, oil on canvas.

 'Parasol (Wish You Were Here)', oil on canvas, 42x29.7cm.

‘Parasol (Wish You Were Here)’, oil on canvas, 42×29.7cm.

'Untitled, (BAIL), oil on canvas, 165x135cm.

‘Untitled, (BAIL), oil on canvas, 165x135cm.

'Parasol', oil on canvas, 59.4x42cm.

‘Parasol’, oil on canvas, 59.4x42cm.

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Steve Overs

Great art, the boundary between realism and abstraction is where the best art lies. The addition of black surround on “BAIL” in the end of course show improves focus. Keep up the good work and good luck in the future !

2 months ago

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